Discovery is the First Step:

DCS conducts assessments to be unified with the entire vulnerability management life cycle from discovery, detection, verification, risk classification, impact analysis, reporting, and mitigation. Our goal is to help businesses:

    • Organize and prioritize vulnerabilities and threats that pose the greatest risk.


    • Detect unauthorized software and rogue devices


    • Perform comprehensive unified vulnerability scanning of all vital systems including networks, operating systems, web applications, databases, enterprise applications, and custom applications


    • Provide custom easy-to-use detailed reports with a detailed remediation roadmap


  • Provide trending analysis of historical, reoccurring, and corrected security data


Our Assessment Services:

Network Vulnerability Assessments

Provides testing of networked devices for threats and then analyzes results to provide a path to correct them. A 3rd party network security risk intelligence solution that proactively supports the entire vulnerability management lifecycle including discovery, detection, verification, risk classification, impact analysis, reporting, and mitigation.

Free PDF on Network vulnerability Assessments


Web Application Assessments

Ensure the personal info your clients trust your businesses with is safeguarded against new vulnerabilities.

Free PDF on Web Application Assessments


Wireless Assessments

Test for weaknesses in the wireless configurations, authentication, and robustness, with a comprehensive and repeatable Methodology.

Free PDF on Wireless Assessments


Our Compliance Services:

Compliance applies vulnerability management to supporting business operations. Compliance is a method for businesses to ensure a standard of security measures are being met. It provides proof to other organizations and agencies that this organization is committed to protecting their internal information as well as their client’s.

HIPAA Compliance:

HIPAA compliance deals with both the Privacy and Security Rules.

Free PDF on HIPAA Assessments

Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) Compliance:
CUI compliance deals with protecting unclassified information in nonfederal systems.

Free PDF on CUI Compliance