Cybersecurity Awareness Month – Incidence Preparedness and Response

Oct 29, 2021 | Blog, Cybersecurity, Incidence Response

We continue our Cybersecurity Awareness Month series to provide resources, tips, articles, and checklists to help you and your organization raise awareness and be more secure. This week, we’re focusing on Incidence Preparedness and Response. #BeCyberSmart

As you’ve seen from our emails and articles, there is a lot to do to be compliant, and much of what we put in place is there to be compliant, of course, but also to be secure. We have fancy phrases like “good cyber hygiene” and a “strong security posture,” but when it comes right down to it, at the core, we want to prevent cyberattacks, theft of data, intrusion into our systems, installation of malware, or worse.

As much as we put measures in place to prevent incidents, they do happen… to the big corporations and agencies as well as small businesses. Whether it’s an oil pipeline, a school district, or a mom-and-pop shop, no one is immune.

We do everything we can to prevent it, but sometimes we click on the phishing email or we forget to lock the door.

Dealing with a cyberattack is a pain at the very least. To prevent as much pain as possible, what do you already have in place (or could put in place) to prevent this?

Don’t kid yourself… this is complex, and it doesn’t happen by accident. We can help simplify this for you.

To that end, we’ve put together a three-part checklist: what to do to prepare for (and hopefully prevent) an incident, what to do immediately if an incident does occur, and what to do after an incident when the dust settles.

We’re basically talking about an Incidence Response Plan. Think of an Incidence Response Plan as your sprinklers, smoke detectors, and escape routes prearranged in case of a fire. And you practice and do fire drills.

THAT is what an incidence response plan does for your cybersecurity.

Don’t wait until an incident happens – here’s what you can put in place now. Download our free Incident Preparedness and Response Checklists here.

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