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Regardless of your business type, cybersecurity is an essential service to protect your organization’s system and data assets.

What is a Fractional Compliance Officer?

If you don’t have a full-time compliance officer, a vCCO (virtual Chief Compliance Officer) may be the best option for your team.  DCS is here to assist.  Whether part-time or as a fractional compliance officer, we can help.

When IT or MSP isn’t enough

If you’re in a specific industry (finance, manufacturing, education, for example) or you deliver services to the government, compliance is a federal requirement. Your IT department or MSP might support and even monitor your network, but that doesn’t ensure what compliance controls are met – or even how to meet them.

Virtual Chief Compliance Officer

Duffy Compliance vCCOs bring new skills with just the right amount of bandwidth, while separating the noise of the industry from the essentials the business needs to meet compliance.

Duffy Compliance brings the objectivity of a third-party consultant, and our considerable expertise and experience. We help you while considering your time, your budget, and your goals.

Instead of being frustrated with your MSP, bring in someone who can be that liaison between your IT and compliance needs.

DCS navigates your specific and complex cybersecurity needs. We make sense of the complex compliance world from initial assessments to maintaining your accreditation as your virtual or Fractional Compliance Officer in the Washington DC metro area.

Fractional Compliance Officer Washington DC Maryland

(In case you’re thinking your MSP or IT department can handle your compliance efforts, here is a breakdown of what MSPs oversee and what vCCOs oversee.)


  • Provide IT support (fix, repair, patch, troubleshoot), performance metrics
  • Make the network work
  • Manage security controls (encryption, MFA, policies)
  • Monitor the network - events, alerts, detection
  • Oversee continuous monitoring (but they don't know why or what controls this meets)


  • Understand various security frameworks, including yours, and how to be compliant
  • Document policies and procedures and make sure that regulatory controls are in place (like CMMC, HIPAA, FINRA, GLBA, ISO)
  • Respect client's requirement to meet the government controls
  • Know how to meet the controls

Here are the main areas we can help:

  • $An accurate SPRS score
  • $A list of missing security controls
  • $Current security architecture diagrams
  • $Security policies and procedures documentation
  • $Security awareness training
  • $Preparation and a plan in case of an incident
  • $Accurate and continuous system security monitoring
  • $Vulnerability management

Interested in learning more?

We help you navigate through regulatory compliance by removing the stress of the unknowns. We make sense of complex cybersecurity and compliance jargon and create best practices for you.

Contact Duffy Compliance today. We can help as a Fractional Compliance Officer, CUI compliance, CMMC, Cyber Security Awareness Training, Supplier Performance Risk System (SPRS) Consulting, and more. We have several decades of cybersecurity and compliance experience in Maryland, the Greater Washington DC area, and beyond.