We are your own, private Subject Matter Experts

Who Needs IT Support

An over-burden IT staff that doesn’t have the time or the resources to conduct technical modification to the production system. Should this IT staff attempt modification that are beyond their knowledge or capabilities, downtime and unrecoverable errors or failures may arise.

Any organization with limited technical resources that still needs a stable and security operational platform.

Server room

Don’t Overtask Your Staff. IT Support When and Where You Need It.


Cost savings, reliability, and expertise.  The benefits of outsourcing your IT are endless.


Peace of mind that your business is supported by a reliable IT infrastructure. Allowing you to focus on your business and not IT issues.


Reduce risk by quickly verifying compliance with Government regulations.


Reduction in IT disruptions resulting in a lower IT total cost of ownership.

Cost Effective

Cost effective method for acquiring a Subject Matter Expert (SME) without the additional employee cost for benefits and training.

How we do it

Duffy Compliance Services’ (DCS) enterprise management application ensures compliance

How Service is Conducted

Our program is designed to have our SMEs on-call. However, this means there may come a time when the SME is unavailable. To overcome this obstacle, we have created a retainer program to allow for a more dedicated access to the SME’s time. We want the SME that the client already knows to continue to be involved with the same clients as much as possible. This provides a stronger and more lasting relationship. Of course, on-call is still an option, but the risk of availability will always be a factor in this provision.


Tasks are unique to the client requests. If the SME is available and the provision is for an on-call service, they will engage with the customer, learn the needs, and map out a plan to complete the request. Retainer SMEs have a standard set of hours dedicated to helping the client. This could be used as a consultant role for support on network components such as DNS or DHCP, or support for a failure on a production system. How you use the SME is up to you. Having an expert available is our offering.

Why Choose us?

We have done the hard part in finding and retaining subject matter experts. Our role is to bring these experts into your environment to become or support your IT staff. We have several solutions in how we can best offer our services to your environment including on-call, retainer, or even on-site term contracts. We keep our SMEs engaged and supporting clients so they stay current with the latest trends, software updates, and problems that have been corrected. It can be expensive to keep in-house talent. It can be even more costly to keep them trained and up to date on current industry practices and solutions.