Potential changes from upcoming Biden executive order

May 11, 2021 | CMMC, Compliance, Cybersecurity, News

In the coming weeks* we could see a new executive order from the Biden Administration that will likely address new regulatory requirements for software development standards.

These changes in software standards could potentially change in the way the government purchases security software. Traditionally, agencies go with the lowest bidder.  However, the new focus should be on how to prevent security intrusions into their network rather than to save a few bucks.

It just makes more sense to spend the extra money on higher quality and more secure software.

This new executive order should create a higher demand for more diligence in security software development. We can also agree that demanding federal suppliers prioritize quality is in our nation’s best interest, especially after the recent Colonial Pipeline cyber attack.

It is important for our national security to proactively keep events like the SolarWinds breach and the Colonial Pipeline ransomware from happening in the future. The old way was to react to these kinds of events as they happened, or often after the fact, always being one step behind the criminals who seek harm to the United States through cyber attacks.

At Duffy Compliance Systems, we specialize in cybersecurity to help keep America safe. We deliver enterprise level analysis for businesses and federal contractors, regardless of their size.

We are also on the CMMC marketplace as one of just a few Certified 3rd Party Assessor Organizations (C3PAO) in the country. As cybersecurity requirements evolve, Duffy Compliance Systems has been and will continue doing the hard work to implement the highest quality design and security measures into our services and groundbreaking industry-first platform, CUI-SafeHarbor.

*Update:  President Biden did sign the executive order on May 12, 2012.

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