Security Awareness Training – Can you pass a phishing test?

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Security Awareness Training

Duffy Compliance Services is all about compliance, of course, and one part of that compliance is Security Awareness Training. However, I don’t see Security Awareness Training as simply checking off a box for compliance requirements and moving onto the next.

The threat is real. Did you know that 60% of network malware infections are caused by Social Engineering, and that 91% of successful data breaches start with spear phishing?

What that means is that, unfortunately, humans are the weakest link in any security framework. That is why Security Awareness Training is so important. Training isn’t something you did; it’s something you do. It’s a process, not a single event, just like compliance of any sort.

Much of our training revolves around psychological security, which focuses on protecting people from being manipulated and exploited by cyber attacks using technology. We see it every day where suddenly the item we were searching for on Google shows up as an ad on Facebook. Phishing attacks are so successful because we have come to depend on technology so much, from the social platforms we use to the emails our boss sends.

Security Awareness Training helps your employees and staff learn how to spot phishing attacks, and what to do if they’ve been compromPhishing test as part of security awareness trainingised.

We offer live training as well as virtual module training through our partners. We’ve partnered with Hook Security to bring you current, relevant training regarding phishing, along with a robust security awareness training program.

Take their phishing test to see how well you can spot a phishing email. You’ll be presented with 10 different emails, and you have to determine which is real, and which is a fake phishing email.

You will not have to submit any information (other than your first name) in order to take the test. Asking for your first name simply allows the system to personalize your experience.

Good luck!

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