Cyber Security Review Checklist

Cybersecurity consultants are vital to your business because they can share information about the security issues they are exposed to every day. As subject matter experts, we know the best way to protect your business from internal and external threats comes from experience.  Knowing what to look for and where threats may exist is key to providing the most effective security controls.

A self-assessment can be eye-opening and reveal things that were not obvious before.  DCS has put together this small checklist that may help businesses determine if it is time to have a discussion with our professional security consultants regarding infrastructure security controls and best practices.

Cyber security is not just for big businesses:
20% of all small businesses will be attacked with a year. [i]
31% of targeted attacks focus on businesses with fewer than 250 employees. [ii]
71% of all breaches are with business with less than 100 employees. [iii]

[i] National Cyber Security Alliance
[ii] Symantec
[iii] 2012 Verizon Data Breach Report

Let DCS help reduce these statistics starting with your business.