SIEM and Logging Solutions

Detect and Alert to Attacks Against Your System


SIEM and logging are best practices to defend and protect your network infrastructure. SIEM provide the early warning system to alert the administrators to a possible incident while logging provides documentation evidence of events that can be used for prosecution purposes.  SIEM and logging should not be driven by compliance alone.

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Your organization’s Security is too important to risk


Meet your IT Compliance Requirements

Reduce Impact

Reduce the impact of security events by quickly identifying attacks.

Easier Mitigation

Reduce financial impact by mitigating the effect of an attack

Improved EFficiency

Improve network efficiency by quickly identifying and resolving issues quickly.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind so you can focus on what is important to you

How we do it

Duffy Compliance Services’ (DCS) enterprise management application ensures compliance

How Service is Conducted

Since we have several solutions, this is dependent on the one we choose. For example, our simplest solution just plugs into the environment behind the firewall. It picks up an address through DHCP and reports back to a monitoring station with logs and alerts. The client doesn’t do anything but wait for alerts and then reacts to them. Our largest solution is for mid-size organizations that need a subject matter expert (SME) on call and to watch for alerts in addition to the automated approach. It is called a SOC-as-a-Service solution. It is more than a product. There is a dedicated SME using these defense mechanisms for active prevention, detection, and response to system threats.


The solution usually contains an appliance or configurations that push data to a Security Operations Center (SOC). The fees are either recurring every month (small business solution) or an annual fee (mid-sized business solution). The largest solution contains off-site SOC services with a dedicate SME proactively monitoring and reacting to SIEM alerts and other potential threats to the system.

Why Choose us?

These solutions are vetted by DCS. We know first-hand how they work and why they meet the compliance regulations we are seeking for our customers. The solutions are considered after we understand your environment which usually is a result of our compliance gap analysis engagement. We are uniquely qualified to suggest the appropriate solution because we know more about your system as well as the requirements necessary to provide an effective solution.