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Everyone Benefits

A lack of resources such as personnel, time, or subject matter expertise should not prevent an organization from managing their security threats/vulnerabilities and the associated risk.

Threat management program is necessary to ensure threats are being addressed. We are all busy and these new tasks are often set aside in favor of more pressing day-to-day operations. The Threat management program provides an approach to remediation that incorporates threat reduction into the daily routine by assigning responsible personnel before the next assessment, or worse, an attacker finds the vulnerability first. This is especially true for vulnerabilities that require more specific work such as reconfiguration or manipulation of multiple devices to reduce the likelihood of exploitation which is frequently found with web-based applications.

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Ensure your Security Plan is enacted correctly.


Quantify your IT Risk

Risk Mitigation

Mitigate financial impacts through improved security of customer data.

Gain Insight

Better understanding of IT Costs. Ability to track improvements both past and future.


Prioritize your IT efforts by criticality. Addressing the high priority issues first.


Improved protection of business data by reducing the threat of unauthorized access.

How we do it

How Service is Conducted

DCS created a 4-phase approach Threat Management Program: 1) Assessment, 2) Remediation, 3) Penetration Testing and 4) Simulations. This program is based on processes utilizing a strong set of commercial tools and our own subject matter experts. Our approach provides you with continual compliance validation, the current vulnerabilities, validation, as well to trend your improvement progress over time. We analyze your current security state from both cloud and on-premise environments. The goal is to improve your ability to reduce the detection time of the next attack


Assessment Remediation Penetration Testing Simulations

• Security Controls

• Access

• Wireless

• Remote Connections


• Patching / Updates

• Best Practices

• Technologies

• Threat Intelligence

• Red Teams

• Phishing

• Zero-Day

• Malware

• Buffer Overflows

• Purple Teams

• Intrusions

• Testing

• Detection

• Response

• Lessons Learned


Threat management is an ongoing process, so there is really no conclusion of tasks. The trending continues because there will always be new vulnerabilities that will appear through assessments. The efforts may become more challenging to fix existing vulnerabilities as well since the easier ones are likely completed. This could mean longer remediation timelines on the schedule.

Why Choose us?

We have clients that have implemented threat management with us. We have familiarity with commercial tools such as Qualys that enable us to provide a professional threat management solution that involves tracking the vulnerability status, assigning personnel, and reevaluating the overall threat to the system. We understand the process and have a repeatable solution.