Your Compliance Journey – 4 Stages

Feb 25, 2022 | Blog, CMMC 2.0, Compliance, Cybersecurity, SPRS

As we’ve been helping our clients navigate the ever-changing compliance world, especially in terms of CMMC, we find that many people think a compliance effort is a one-and-done initiative. They enter the compliance journey thinking they might have to buy a few pieces of equipment or software, write a few policies, and they’re done.

What they don’t realize is that compliance is ongoing. It’s not as simple as checking a box or buying a security awareness training course.

It’s also not just about the stages we take our clients through: Baseline | Remediation | Maintenance | Re-assess.

Compliance Stages at Duffy Compliance

The 4 Compliance Stages at Duffy Compliance

The whole point of compliance and cybersecurity in general is to be more secure. To protect your systems from the bad guys. To train your people on how to spot intrusions. To know how to respond when (not if) you experience an incident.

For example, as we consult with our clients to get a SPRS score (part of the interim rule for CMMC 2.0), we explain that getting a perfect score is not the end. It’s actually just the beginning of the compliance journey. There are several phases of certification that continue on after accreditation.

The assessment is where we get a Baseline; we determine where you are.

Then there is Remediation – corrective actions to get you to the perfect score for you.

After that comes Maintenance and Re-assessment as there is continuous monitoring and updating… constant updating.

Think of compliance as a framework and a new way of doing business, and that you are doing business within this framework.

Environments change. Systems change. Your security needs to change to keep up.

Welcome to your compliance journey.

P.S. While CMMC undergoes its own changes to keep up, once the process stabilizes, there will be a limited supply of companies like Duffy Compliance who can help. Don’t scramble when the deadline is on top of you; get on top of your compliance efforts now.

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