10 Easy Ways to Increase Revenue with Duffy as your Cybersecurity Partner

Leveraging the expertise of a cybersecurity professional can significantly reduce your client’s exposure to cyber threats and maintain the confidentiality and integrity of their data. However, bringing in an expert partner also allows you as the MSP to position yourself as having a strong commitment to cybersecurity to your customers and stakeholders while sticking to the work you are already doing.

Finding a cybersecurity partner can be tricky. You will want one who provides valuable assistance to recommending your services in addition to the security of your client’s systems, data, and operations.

How to Increase Revenue with a Cybersecurity Partner

Security Assessment and Recommendations: Allow a cybersecurity partner to assess the client’s existing security measures and infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and potential risks. Ideally, you will want your partner to tailor any recommendations so you can implement them. The expert partner enhances your client’s cybersecurity posture while providing you more billable services.

Security Strategy Development: Collaborating with your clients, the cybersecurity partner should be able to develop a comprehensive security strategy that aligns with the client’s unique business objectives and industry regulations. This strategy may include developing security policies and procedures as well as recommending best practices for you to implement.

Regulatory Compliance: Many industries have specific regulatory requirements for cybersecurity. A Cybersecurity Partner who is current and actively supporting government regulatory compliance in cybersecurity will be able to help your clients understand and adhere to the regulations. This ensures they avoid penalties and maintain a secure environment. This also can reduce or eliminate your liability to cybersecurity incidents and responses.

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment: Regularly conducted penetration tests and vulnerability assessments help identify and address potential security gaps. You will want a cybersecurity partner to coordinate and analyze these tests to ensure your client’s systems remain secure. The results of these assessments will add billable services for you through remediation tasks.

Educational Workshops and Webinars: In addition to paid standard security awareness training, your cybersecurity partner can conduct educational workshops and webinars for you to add another touch point and keep your clients informed on the latest cybersecurity trends and threats. The cybersecurity partner can also spread the word about the partnership and about your ability to meet any new service offerings.

Data Protection and Privacy: With data breaches becoming more common, your cybersecurity partner can help you design robust data protections, including encryption, access controls, and data classification. You should look for ones that are strong in government (federal, state, local) regulatory compliance. Compliance experts can assist in ensuring compliance with privacy regulations too, such as with CMMC (for CUI data), GLBA (NPI data), and HIPAA (PHI data). Solution recommendations by your partner should be ones you can implement for additional billable services.

Security Awareness Training: Employees are often the weakest link in cybersecurity. By providing security awareness training sessions for the client’s staff, educating them about common threats, phishing, social engineering, and best practices for maintaining a secure work environment, this link is strengthened. You can then implement these best practices as additional services.

Incident Response Planning: Your cybersecurity partner can work with your clients to develop an effective incident response plan. This plan outlines steps to take in the event of a security breach, minimizing the impact of an incident, and helping the client recover quickly. Tabletop exercises and additional integration to their response plan are additional services and a tighter integration for you and your client.

Vendor Risk Management: Clients often rely on various vendors for services and products. Look to your Cybersecurity Partner to assist in assessing the security posture of these vendors, ensuring that they meet the client’s security standards and don’t introduce unnecessary risks.

Secure Development Practices: If the client develops software or applications, your cybersecurity partner should be able to provide policies and procedures to help guide them in adopting secure development practices to minimize the risk of introducing vulnerabilities.

How to Get Started with Duffy Compliance Services,
your Cybersecurity Compliance Partner

Have a conversation with us about your goals and how we can best accommodate a strategy partnership. We learn about your processes and services. You learn about our offerings and how to engage us with your clients.

Introduce us as your trusted cybersecurity consultant/partner. This approach allows us to support you in two capacities. First, as your independent 3-party consultant, we can ensure your service offerings are vetted and meet the requirements of your clients. Second, your clients can view us as an independent subject matter expert (SME) providing independent advice and best practices. We still leverage your services, but the client has added a layer of confidence to their
compliance efforts.

Let us be a panel member or expert presenter at your next webinar or event. Duffy Compliance Services has a team of experts with years of real-world experience in compliance, sales, and cybersecurity technologies. Let us provide our expertise in your own business development and sales efforts outside of direct client interaction. This is a win-win for both teams. compliance efforts.

FTC Safeguards Rule Checklist

Additional Compliance Services

  • Compliance Analysis / Audit
  • Security Policy and Procedure Development
  • Security Plans of Action
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Phishing Exercises
  • Solutions Consultant and Vendor Evaluations

Let’s have a discussion about how we can partner to serve your clients and fill all their IT and compliance needs!

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