Managed Service Providers

Since 2014, Duffy Compliance Services has become a valuable resource for IT companies and Managed Service Providers who could use some additional help with their cybersecurity branch.  We extend the range of your service offerings so your clients can be fully served.  You fill an important IT need with your clients, but when there’s a gap in compliance or cybersecurity, we fill that gap.

What we have found is that MSPs are their clients’ obvious choice when questions of compliance and cybersecurity come up.  When it comes to a secure network, there are certain things you need to do, and there is an order in which you need to do them.  If you try to muddle your way through it, you’ll end up with frustrated clients.

Instead, be the hero for your clients – bring in the cybersecurity experts.

Here’s why this is a win-win:  Your expertise is NOT cybersecurity.  You bring in Duffy Compliance, and we find what’s wrong and tell you what to fix. AND YOU GET TO FIX WHAT IS WRONG.  (That translates into more billable services for you!)

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